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COSTA RICA is located in Central America – just North of Panama and South of Nicaragua. It is only a few hours away from North America and has become a more and more common destination – not only for Americans but also for Europeans and everyone else around the globe.

It has a warm tropical climate and is a destination known for it’s national parks, beaches, volcanoes, sports fishing, friendly people among many other attributes.

Traveling from San Jose to Manuel Antonio

SANSA and NATURE AIR fly to Quepos many times per day.
It is a 20 minute flight.

Contact us for the schedule and prices.

There are a number of shuttle vans that will pick you up at any hotel in San Jose.

Contact us for the schedule and prices.

By far the most reasonable way to travel. There are 3 or more scheduled buses per day depending on the season. The buses are almost new Mercedez Benz buses with assigned seating. Very comfortable. Approximately 3 hours.

Contact us for departure times and prices.

Driving is a reasonable option. The roads are not equal to those in North America or Europe but they are paved and it is not difficult to drive.

Approximately 3 hours.

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There is only one main road so it’s pretty hard to get lost

1. Leave San Jose driving west past the airport. In approximately ten minutes you will see a sign to Jaco
    beach. Exit here to your right and go up over the highway as directed by the signs

2.  Keep following the signs to Jaco beach. There are also signs to Manuel Antonio/Quepos; however there
     are more to Jaco

3.  Once you arrive at Jaco you continue driving south approximately one hour. There is only one main road.

4.  The next big town is Parrita which is 40 minutes from Quepos

5.  Continue driving south on this same road until you reach the town of Quepos

6.  Once in Quepos you cross a small bridge with the big colored Quepos sign. Drive below
     and you will come to a sign that says Manuel Antonio Beach to your left

7.  You are only ten minutes from Manuel Antonio beaches and the famous National Park. This road has
     beautiful views. Remember that our hotel is on the waterfront so enjoy your drive.

8.  Once you come down to the beach level our hotel is on the beach side of the road and has a large open
     air reception area.

9.  This area is hilly with gorgeous views…. just remember that we are on the waterfront. There is no need to
     start watching for our hotel until you leave the hills and are at beach level. Our hotel is on the beach side
     of the road and has a big open air reception.